good night.

jack's had a long month. ok, maybe i mean me. but it's so much more fun to project my feelings on my cat. i probably won't be posting a whole lot until after Christmas. but i'll be in Jersey so chances are i'll get inspired by something i see and have to tell you about it. in any case i hope you have a safe, happy and warm holiday. xo


tell it like it is.

These gift tags from Amy Karol are awesome. Now if I can just remember to print them out on the color printer at work before I leave town. Just click on the image below, print out on card stock and stick them to your gifts. And add Amy's blog to your list if you're not already a reader!

I'm dreaming of a Jersey Christmas.

I stayed in San Francisco two years ago for Christmas. It was the saddest xmas of my adult life. Maybe the bad boyfriend who didn't get into the holiday spirit and was a total grump the whole day was partly to blame. I don't care so much about gifts, I just love spending time with my kick-ass family in the tri-state area. I'll be in Jersey soon, hope you have some awesome plans for the holiday season. xo x


some sunday morning animation

This is from a BBC show called Creature Comforts it reminded me of something Pixar would create. Animals talking about art, mimicking humans, you can't beat that.
Saw this first over at SF Girl By Bay.

And here's a shorter, more serious one on politics, pretty awesome too. Looks like this one was re-dubbed using actual politician's voices.


figgy pudding.

I posted a little holiday craft round-up on SFist yesterday. You can read it here. Ornaments and wreaths anyone?


it's the most craziest time of the year...

Things in my world are a little topsy turvy right about now. Which explains why I am awake at 5 in the morning writing this. You know it's all the usual and I know it's crazy for everyone this time of year so I'm not going to bore you with my list of excuses for being a not so attentive blogger this month. I have oh so many blogging ideas that pop into my head daily, it's just, you know, actually finding the time to post about them. It'll all get in here eventually, just maybe not all in this month!

I have an unexpected craft fair on Saturday at Secession Gallery in the Mission from 2-7pm. Designer Taxi CDC from LA will also be there, she alters unwanted clothing into adorable sweaters, dresses, and tops and I may just have to take one home with me. There's also some great art up in the gallery right now. I know there are many events on Saturday but I'm hoping some folks will drop in for some last minute holiday shopping. So if you're in the neighborhood please do come by, sip on some wine, and tell me all about your hectic month.

You can make that awesome gingerbread house above from Red Envelope. (via Whipup)


Let Your Curiosity Shop

The Curiosity Shoppe is one of my favorite new spots on Valencia, owners Derek and Lauren are just great-- I love their aesthetic, and the well edited clean looking set-up of their shop. They have a fun blog and have also been posting every Wednesday over at Design Sponge, sharing clever project ideas for fixing up any space. And now they've teamed up with Todd Oldham to host a holiday crafting challenge on You Tube. Or at least that's Todd up there in their shop asking people to send in videos of their favorite holiday crafts and DIY projects. The winners will be posted on the You Tube homepage. If you're not in SF you can still shop their store online. Here are some things from their shop I wouldn't mind getting for Christmas.

ReadyMade had instructions for making these book bookshelves a while back, one of those projects I always wanted to do but knew I would never get around to.

I like that Fluffyco is local and I love her new designs. This would be great for my craft room where I can never have enough places to hang things.

I can't help it, I'll never stop liking birds. Owls especially have a spot in my heart.

I've been admiring these porcelain dishes cast from aluminum takeout containers by artist Lorena Barrezueta for a while. What a clever idea, and the perfect gift for someone like me who eats out so much more than they cook at home.


holiday shopping madness

well, i'm at home with a pile of tissues and blankets, still in my pj's (wasn't i in them last time i posted? i see a pattern here) watching reruns of the Cosby show and Roseanne but there's a heck of a lot going on this weekend if you're in SF and feeling well, so i've listed some events below. You know I also got caught in the time suck that is You Tube today which is where that Silver Spoons clip came from. Question- do you think any of the actors in this scene are embarrassed or is embarrasment just a casualty of acting in sitcoms during the 80's?

Post-Postcard 11
The 11th Annual Small Format Art Sale
2948 16th Street
@ Capp
Originally starting out as a postcard show, the LAB now invites artists to sell anything they can fit in a small box provided by them. Original pieces range in price from $1-$30.

Saturday 12/8
Nest Craft Show
The Hardware Store Gallery
3824 Mission Street
$5 at the door all proceeds go to Nest
Support a very cool non-profit that provides funding to women in developing countries to create their own craft-based businesses.

Sunday 12/9
SF Indie Mart
12 Galaxies
2565 Mission Street @ 22nd
Sip on bloody marys and buy goods from over 40 tragically hip vendors.

me, i'm just hoping i can make it to the two holiday parties i have tomorrow.



That's what Sarah says when she's tired and that's how I feel after the craft fair yesterday and a long day of work.. I'm pretty beat. Right now I'm in my pajamas on the couch with my roommates hoping I don't fall asleep before Project Runway starts. I just uploaded a few of those billboard clutches onto my Etsy shop. Anything ordered out of my shop the next two weeks will get to you in time for Christmas! I'll be adding a lot more in there soon, I'll let you know as I add more.

Yesterday was a lovely long day in Mill Valley. The best part was getting to spend so much time with Molly and Danica. Danica's sweet little guys were the hit of the show and I'm so happy for her. Just look at them and tell me you don't want one right now! Molly also had some amazing cards, as always. My favorite are her state ones, which she has pictures of on her blog. Be sure to look at Apartment Therapy tomorrow to see a feature on Molly and her amazing house!

(as you can see up there jack's pretty ti-ti too!)


new flock.

I brought a new flock of bird earrings by Candy Store yesterday, so if you're in SF you should stop and say hi to them. They look really sweet on a little bird cage near the register. Candy Store has all sorts of juicy things right now, it was hard to be in there and not buy things for me! I bought my dad a cute little porcelain playing card, since he was the one that taught me how to play Texas Hold'em and he's a card playing fanatic these days.