this is for you.

for me this year has been filled with lots of big events. starting off with my grandfather passing away in january. four close friends have gotten or will be getting married, i have been to countless baby showers and just recently my great aunt (who i get my middle name from) passed away. so much birth, death and marriage around me this year. maybe it's just a reminder that i'm getting older and life is moving along. maybe you just notice these things more as you creep deeper into your 30's. amidst all the big things i'm taking more stock in the small things ... my cat curled up against me each morning when i wake, the countless times during the week i look around and am surrounded by amazing friends who make my belly hurt from too much laughter, the pleasure in a spiked coffee after a good long meal, this city even though it's hijacked summer from us.

i've been thinking about how to write of all the big things but i don't really know how to yet. i just know they're what makes my life richer...and i feel pretty lucky to be a part of it all.

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