well loved

i don't make duct tape wallets nearly as much as i used to. barely ever actually. long ago are the days of me staying up until the wee hours of the night pumping out wallet after wallet. it was part fun and part industrious and mostly i think i just loved the rhythm i would fall into after hours of making the things, picking out the colors and images, lining them all up and running them through the sewing machine. i always loved seeing them packed together and ready to go out into the world.

one of my favorite things is being somewhere and having someone-- a stranger or friend-- pull out a wallet i had made long ago. it's happened at bars, craft fairs, and once even on BART when the girl sitting next to me heard me talking about making my wallets. i love how the wallets all show their own signs of wear, they always look so well loved and there's just something so neat about being able to view what you created years after it's been used.

this is randy's wallet. when he was in town this weekend visiting from LA and pulled it out of his pocket after dinner i did a double take. i made him this wallet 5 years ago. i couldn't even believe he still had it and used it on a daily basis. when i questioned him about it he told me how perfect it was and how much he loved it in it's current state. people comment on it all the time he said and we all joked how no one would bother to steal a wallet that looked like his. it's been a long while but i'm busting out my duct tape to make randy a long needed replacement.. maybe i'll send two this time so he has a back up.

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