walls and windows

going downtown on weekends is something i try to avoid, especially at the height of the summer when tourists abound. but what a pleasant trip it turned out to be this sunday.

i've always been a big fan of Anthropologie's window displays, and this one using old books and pages just got me. i tried taking a photo from inside the store and got yelled at, i pretended i was an unknowing tourist and promotly went outside to snap a couple more. the reflection in this one is pretty bad but i love how you can see the girl that told me not to take pictures looking out at me.

who would have thought that i would have run into some friends downtown on a sunday, but lucky for me i did and after some shopping we sipped on some cheap margaritas at the Gold Dust- the only redeeming place on Powell street.

some more street art from the weekend.


molly said...

thats so funny about anthro--i took pics of those same windows this past week. couldn't get any good ones, so decided to go inside and check them out in a really detailed way so i could make them myself!

comfies said...

i wonder what anthro is so worried about? the world can see the windows! what's the difference between the world seeing the windows on the street or on someone's blog? i don't get it.

jennifer said...

that's so funny! maybe they thought you 're a rival window dresser out to document and copy their work?

love forever said...

actually, anthro changed their policy about photo-taking a little while back. you can tell them that i said so!
i love that yellow skirt in the window. i've been coveting it for weeks!