bovine bakery and a nice long drive

It was a lovely day in Northern California, the sky was perfectly blue, it was warm without any real heat and there was a nice breeze kicking through every few minutes. At least that's how the weather was in Point Reyes where Molly and I drove to to meet up with some friends from the mission cycling club who had ridden the 42 miles from the city on their bikes. We met at the bovine bakery which is a regular spot for the hoards of bikers that make it to that quaint little town. I had a great cup of Thanksgiving Coffee, one of my favorite brands, and a delicious croissant and the gang of us sat outside and soaked in the day. It's days like today that make me appreciate this state... my how lucky we are.


amy said...

it is sooo cold over here! glad you are getting some good weather at least!

molly said...

shit. that WAS good. wasn't it?!