sticking with a theme

last night when i saw molly i noticed the black and white pirate band-aid on her middle finger. it was playful and fun and i loved it. it also got me thinking about why we've lived with boring skin toned colored bandages for so long. we think people won't notice that we have some weird plastic sticker around a finger or stuck to our arm? i'm all for calling out our injuries with color and creativity. it's kind of like saying 'hey i have a cut but i'm making the most of this cut and using it as a chance to adorn myself with some body art i don't usually get to wear'. why not? it's so much healthier to shout out your little pains to the world than try to cover them up anyway.

which is why i think urban outfitters artist series bandages are such a brilliant idea. Kate Sutton's sweet illustrations make me want to get hurt just so i can have an excuse to don one of her clever band-aids.

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