make a wish

i just read about this fun event happening tomorrow in dolores park on my love for you. i'll list the details below as meighan did, in case you're in SF and are able to go. how fun.
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
11:11am - 11:12 am AND pm
everyone in the world
everywhere in the world, as WELL as Dolores Park by the tennis courts in San Francisco
Everyone who can make it to the courts at Dolores Park are invited to gather there on November 11 at 11ish am and/or pm. When 11:11 strikes, we will collectively cast our own wishes during a minute of silence. The alignment of numbers and synchronicity of people coming together for a common mission can remind us that together we can realize the true effect that positive thinking can have. While there, some of us will be taking photos and making a Wish List to be published in the future, preserving and perpetuating all wishes made.

p.s. in searching for an image to use with this post i found a very cool looking etsy shop called domestikate. i would have loved to buy that clock up there!

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