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You know those people you have in your life who are always telling you about things long before everyone else is listening, wearing, reading, watching said thing? My friend Jennifer is that person for me. When I told her the other day that I was recently obsessed with a band called bon iver she shot me an angry look. Jennifer reminded me that she had sent me a link to bon iver urging me to give a listen and saying we should buy tickets to his upcoming show in SF, that was a year ago. Oops! I should have listened to her back than. Among my other few resolutions this year one of them is to pay attention to what Jennifer is loving, cause chances are I will too. She's done a round up of her favorite songs from 2008, with videos and links so you can study up too, find it here.

One of the people she lists is Kristian Matsson who is in many bands but for his solo work goes by the tallest man on earth. Jennifer insisted I listen to him last night and called him the Swedish Dylan, i like him very much.. maybe you will too, that Jennifer's got good taste.

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