seal it and send it

One of my new years resolutions is to not just remember the birthdays of those I love but to also send cards. I've been carrying around this cute little organizer so I can pull it out when ever I need to record friends & family members birthdays. I like this resolution because it feels attainable. My other resolution is to judge less. Try that-- it's harder than you think although we'd all be better off if we practiced this.

In order to help me stay true to my resolution I've had to make sure I have plenty of cards on hand. And I've been taking some time to pick out new cards I love. Lucky for me the designer of one of my favorite card lines, 8mm ideas, is a good friend and she always arms me with lots of her fantastic designs. I'm looking forward to seeing the new cards Molly will be making for the Stationery Show this Spring. I stocked up on Hello Lucky cards at the book event we held at their studio in December, I love their simple and fresh look and no matter how much it's out there now I'll always be a sucker for letter press.

I would be thrilled to receive one of these Hammer Press cards on my birthday, a greeting you'll want to frame. I love the layers and layers they print.
Of course if I get really lazy there's always someecards.. would that be cheating?

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mewannabe said...

why, thank you mi publicist! nice plug for all awesome cards, yes, including someecards. those rock.