this won't help your new years resolutions...

happy new year! i am very tired and very ready to get back to san francisco! i spent new years on shelter island ny with one of my oldest friends and since it was 50 degrees on sunday i didn't think i would need my winter coat. i forgot winter happens here and i was ill prepared for the blizzard we got new years eve, dumping about five inches of snow and turning the roads into blocks of ice. it was great to be in a snow storm but man i wasn't prepared for that weather!

i'm ready for san francisco winter, and am eager to try this new ice cream place i just read about over on beer & nosh. humphry slocombe just opened up an Harrison and 24th and offers some delicious sounding flavors of homemade ice cream, including honey thyme, peanut butter curry, and white chocolate lavendar.

san francisco, the perfect city for ice cream all year round, bring it!


amy said...

happy new year christina!!

Cathy Ellis said...

lets make an ice cream date this month, I also spent xmas under heavy snow and am so happy to be home in the sunshine!