1. Cook more

I got Heidi Swanson's Super Natural Cooking for my birthday last year and while I read it right away I hadn't cooked anything from it until today. I want to keep up with all the cooking I started last year but make it a little healthier if I can, using ingredients I wouldn't normally base dishes around.

I kept going back to the Sweet Potato Spoon Bread recipe and even though it's more fitting for a side dish at Thanksgiving it sounded like a comfort food I could handle in this cold weather we've been having. And it's a healthy comfort food, using not too much butter, goat cheese in place of marshmallows, and whole wheat flour. The dish came out delicious and I can't wait to eat it all week long, and share it with friends as there's no way I'll get through the entire casserole by myself.


molly said...

looooks amazing!

Christina said...

Thanks! It tastes delicious! I should have brought some over to Chip's last night.