at the hospital.

I’m so glad I’m done with Grey's Anatomy. You know when you watch too much of something and it starts to bleed into your reality? Well, none of the doctors in the hospital tonight looked anything like McDreamy, Alex or even George. A very unpleasant woman with short choppy blond hair and mismatched scrubs took my temperature and blood pressure. She didn't smile. She did say "thanks hon" after I gave her that little cup back with my pee in it. That sort of made me feel better. The wait wasn't really that bad and knowing what I had and that I just needed antibiotics I wasn't really all that scared or worried. I just couldn't get a doctors appointment so late on a Friday. It was the most casual Emergency room visit I've ever had, I met JJ after work and we rode the bus to the hospital, I brought a book for JJ and some trashy magazines for us both. But I hate hospitals and I hated this one even more because there was not one thing that resembled that show I've been obsessed with lately. I know I should be writing or crafting or doing something else with my time- and I am. Actually I finished the last disc in the second series over a week ago. Maybe two. So I’m not even obsessed anymore. But this was no Seattle Grace. The staff looked hard and tired and the person checking me in needed a magnifying glass to read my insurance card. I don't like being around so many sick people. I don't like waiting in a cold room with nothing on but a ratty little robe that doesn't really tie right, I can never close those things up in the back. I guess it wasn't all bad, JJ and I had a good laugh when we heard some other people in the waiting room talking, asking how long they had been waiting. One girl was holding her hand funny, her finger was bloody and her nail was half off. She said something about how she couldn't pull it off without getting it infected as if on cue the girl she was talking to said "Well at least you knocked the bitch out" JJ and I laughed out loud at that and the girls looked over at us and laughed back, it was kind of a sweet moment really and then I thought about how it could quickly turn bad and they could ask us why we were laughing at them and then kick our asses. But that didn't happen. We watched a cute little kid run around the waiting room and almost slip on a magazine that was lying in the middle of the floor that for some reason no one was picking up. I thought about it but then I think my name was called. The doctor was nice enough. I heard him speak spanish to the woman on the other side of the curtain who was puking and alone. I'm glad JJ was there, even if it was only something I need antibiotics for. She's a good friend like that, exposing herself to all those sick people, waiting for hours in a dirty hospital with no Dr.McDreamy's walking around.

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comfies said...

that girl with the bloody hand! that's hilarious! but i'm glad you were there with a friend. hospitals can be dark, dark places.