my very last birthday present

Believe it or not I had one last birthday present last week. Adam & CR had promised me a nice birthday dinner and drinks. I was going to scan the card here, because I haven't laughed that hard at a card ever -- but I left it at home, so maybe I'll add it in later. CR is on his way out of town so I finally got my gift. They made me a fantastic dinner, my favorite part was this chilled asparagus and hearts of palm salad. Yum. I only had my cell phone on me to take pictures that night, it's blurry but you get the idea.

Adam lives in a great big loft with a nice view on the roof, there was a full moon that night, which maybe explains Adam's horrible singing in the cab ride to the bar and the way the night just sort of deteriorated there at the end. Come to think of it, maybe it was this night that sent me to the hospital. That and some other things. It was worth it, a good meal made especially for me and a great birthday treat a full month after my actual birthday. Thanks boys. Now, I think I can safely say my birthday is officially over. Although, you know, if anyone else has any more presents for me I certainly won't turn them down.

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