My weekend in pictures (again).

I did other things besides go to the hospital this weekend. Here are some pictures to prove it to you. Pardon the blur, I should probably be ashamed with all those fancy, sharp pictures most bloggers post-- sometimes the blurr in my photos is to protect the innocent (see below) sometimes I'm just moving to fast to focus (or care). Up there is an adorable sign I saw at the Farmers Market on Saturday, I was in a rush to get to the Derby Party so I didn't even really investigate what was being sold. Can anyone read this?

Yes I said Derby party. Every year CS gets all us non-Kentucky folk excited to watch a race that lasts one minute and 30 seconds, he bribes us with his delicious mint juleps. That middle bottle is full of the simple syrup he made for them. Sadly my antibiotics prevented me from imbibing (well OK I had half of one).

And there was some riding of bikes on BART.

And a very blurry picture of earrings I made my mom for Mother's Day. It's amazing how much energy and focus I have when I don't drink on the weekends. I also made three pairs of my birdy earrings and started a project from Lotta's Simple Sewing book.

See I did a lot more than sit in a dirty hospital waiting room.

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jj said...

those earrings are gorgeous!!!