wish you were here.

really i do. the weather is amazing and when i haven't been in a trade show i've been walking, meeting up with old friends and enjoying the great big buzz new york always gives me. it's pretty fantastic. i'm exhausted but you know new york does this thing to you where you feel like you have so much more energy then you really do and you just keep going and going. and dang it if i don't want to move back to this coast everytime i'm here.
have i told you how much i love staying in hotels? oh how i love it. cranking the a.c., lying in a big fluffy bed and not having to do anything in you're room besides watch bad cable tv. ok and check work email. look at this bizarre photo that's hanging right outside my door. umm. yeah, that's a close up shot of someone's package super imposed behind a new york street scene. weird huh? it cracks me up everytime i walk by it.

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comfies said...

that package picture is hilarious! walking around new york is my favorite thing...wish i was there too. are you at the same trade show as molly meng? fun.