behind the scenes..

i have a pretty fantastic job most days. i get to work on some great crafty books with some very talented people. i do the easy part of opening up my big mouth and telling everyone how great the books are once they are all finished and perfect. but once in a while i find a way to slip some super fun and creative things into my job. today i worked on a movie i hired my friend to make for the Softies book we published this fall. we're doing a stop action short. i should say Andrew's doing most of it, although i'm seriously assisting. and this is stop action the old school way, where we move things a centimeter between each shot. it's labor intensive and hard for an impatient girl like myself, but it's a whole lot of fun. i'll post the finished product here as soon as it's done, but for now- here are some shots from our work today.

those adorable doughnut and ice cream sandwich softies were made by one of my all time favorite softie makers Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane. Be sure to check out her website.. so many amazing Softies for sale in her shop.

and of course the kitties lounged through it all, as if nothing different was happening in their house today.


comfies said...

so cool. so, so cool.

Jessica said...

My Paper Crane is one of my favorite softie designers as well. Please come by the shiny squirrel when you get a chance to check out her limited edition Firewood!

Jessica said...

Those are so cute! I totally want that book! It's on my Christmas wishlist.