making more..

for my sanity this holiday season i've scaled back the amount of craft fairs i'm doing to two! the rest of what i make will be going to a few stores and in my Etsy shop if i have anything left over. the best part of all of it for me, no duct tape! i made the rings above using the vintage buttons i got when Susan was out here in August. a group of us went to an amazing little secret button shop just packed with vintage buttons. i wish i had bought more of that pink one up there. i'm tempted to keep that one but i have a feeling someone else will love it as much as i do.

the rest of the day was spent making more clutches. i'm having a lot of fun with these.

i also settled on a small wallet pattern to make with the vinyl, i'm using some of the fabulous trim Lisa sent me and i think they're turning out so sweet.


molly said...

dude! that all looks SO freaking good! congrats!

jennifer said...

LOVE the rings! especially that blue one.

Jessica said...

nice things you have been working on!