animal house.

My life feels full of old friends right now, I have a friend from college visiting for the week and she's been wanting to see lots of other old friends since she isn't here that often which is a nice little treat for me. Tonight was spent at Cara's house, which is always warm and cozy and full of animals I adore. You know how with some people it's just so clear what their purpose in life is? Some people have this one really distinct thing that just makes them so who they are? Cara's has to do with animals. Saving them and caring for them and loving them more than anyone I've ever met in my life. Tonight there were three dogs, four cats and one turtle in her house. One of the dogs was a friends she's watching, and one of the cats she found at the bart station a couple of weeks ago, he's taken over the little house in her backyard, he's old and battered, missing some teeth and has a little mean streak, but Cara just couldn't leave him wondering around the train station. I mean how many people do that? I think she must have saved at least a dozen animals by now. Here are some of my favorites..


comfies said...

BLESS your friend cara! and her entourage of beasts!

Mary-Laure said...

Lovely, lovely and loving animals, how CAN people abandon them? I makes me so angrrrrrry.
As Comfies says, bless Cara.