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I don't have enough time this morning to write a proper post on how amazing the movie Juno is. But just believe me when I tell you it was one of the best movies I've seen in a very long time. As soon as the credits started I wanted the movie to rewind and start all over again. Just go see it, it's so wroth seeing in the theater. Of the many things I loved about the film it was so awesome to hear the Moldy Peaches soundtrack used so perfectly. As my friend said it was almost as if they wrote the movie for the song 'Anyone Else But You', which has always been one of my favorite's and sweetly reminds me of a certain someone from a certain summer so many years ago. Whatever your plans this weekend I suggest you make some time for Juno, I may be seeing it again too. And if you're in SF can I also suggest that you see the movie at the Sundance Kabuki? It's the old Kabuki theater but it's been totally renovated and equipped with some good restaurants, all green facilities and my very favorite part a nice big bar that allows you to bring drinks into the theater. There are even tables in between the very cushy seats so you don't have to clutch your wine glass during the movie. As my friend learned when buying our tickets there's a 'hippie tax' (not my words the ticket guy's) because there is absolutely no advertising of the theater or in the theater. This means no commercials before the movie- just good old fashion previews of other movies before the feature, you know like in the old days.

I can't go on enough about both this theater and this wonderful movie, well I could but I have to get out of bed at some point and get ready for work, see this movie!!! and see it at the Sundance Kabuki if you're in SF.

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nancy said...

i couldn't agree more. i LOVED the movie and was so annoyed at the snotty Gawker review! i tell people about it but try not to gush too much because I don't want them to go in with particular expectations and then be disappointed (as is often inevitable with a small, sweet, quirky movie that gets a lot of praise). I expected to be annoyed by it and left feeling SO happy and satisfied.

and I'm dying to go to the "new" Kabuki too! and i should, since it is only down the street...