if i could i would

You know how just two posts ago I wrote about my bad habit of buying things online? well I've lost my debit card (ok well I thought I lost it so I canceled it and than found it about 10 minutes later) either way since I've sworn off credit cards I have nothing to shop online with at the moment until my new card arrives sometime next week. Why am I telling you all this? Because if I had a card I would have purchased this the second I opened Jennifer's email which included a link to the perfect bracelet you see above. How awesome is that? Jennifer's the one that first introduced me to the amazing work of t8 designs, I love her use of chain and vintage charms, she's got a great eye and I have a feeling when I do get a card again I'll be paying her Etsy shop a visit.


jennifer said...

if you just convo her i'm sure she'll reserve it for you... she's way cool like that. :)

comfies said...

she's awesome, i visited her booth at the renegade craft fair last year! love her stuff.

molly said...

"t8designs" is an awfully good jewelry line name, ain't it?!?!