a new kind of problem.

It’s true, I have a new problem. Well, maybe it can't really be classified as a problem yet. But I could see it becoming one. I’ve started ordering things online. This is new to me. With no hesitation I’ll be reading about an artist I like on a blog, click on over to their website or Etsy shop and hit that purchase button. Right now it feels under control, but I could see it getting worse. Like my mother who is constantly ordering things from TV, it's just so easy. And who doesn't like a package arriving two days later with something they just couldn't wait to get? I’m trying to keep it in check, but I could see it becoming an addiction.

As soon as I read that Ork Designs had a San Francisco poster available I clicked on over and bought one. I have a love for typography I'm just starting to recognize and I can't get over how delightful it is to see the layout of all the SF neighborhoods squished in and pieced together so perfectly. It's still on my desk in a frame, I can't decide which room in the house to put it in. When I ordered mine they were only offering a green map printed on an off white paper, but now it looks like they have more colors, they are also sold out and really overwhelmed by all the attention lately, but promise to be back with more posters and more cities soon.

I blame my next purchase on the Craft round up of calendars that reminded me I've always wanted a Nikki McClure calendar. It just came on Friday and I immediately put it up on my wall at work, right next to my computer, so it's the second thing I look at all day long. I've long loved her art, and am still amazed at the fine paper cuts she makes. Her images portray the kind of calm I want in my life everyday.

Next on my list will likely be some of these.

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molly said...

gads! these are the same things i'd be buying up like crazy! if only.... i can understand the impulse, especially since everyone sells everything on line! love those artists...and i checked out those same tights!