bowling back in time

chicago was great fun. my legs are still sore from dancing at the wedding and it felt like i was gone a lot longer than 4 days. one night we went looking for something to do near where we were staying. the guy at the front desk led us to this cheesy outdoor beerfest, we walked through it and turned the corner convinced there would be the perfect dive bar near by. and then we stumbled upon a pink neon sign that read 'bowling' yes! we would bowl!

but this bowling alley was like none we had seen before. perfectly preserved from the late 70's, manual scores were kept and after i had one too many beers i let rana and chip do the score keeping. we played three games, i could have stayed for another. it was beautiful in there.


amy said...

i was just telling a friend today i haven't been bowling in SO long!

molly said...

dude, you found a goldmine! ain't nuthin better than bowling.

Tara Diane said...

haha, why is it such a requirement to drink beer while bowling? I can't say I've ever been to a bowling alley [since being of drinking age] and not had a beer in my hand.