crafting again!

it's felt like a little while since i've done any serious making so it was good to spend my monday off working on projects. i was inspired by the fantastic fabric sale going on at Whiz Bang -- $5 and $10 yards until Friday 9/5-- and I've been wanting to make new curtains for the craft room for a while now. I went for a log cabin feel and bought what Helen had left of that great dark wood grain, and some sweet woodland like fabrics to match for pillows.

Here's my before:

and after (i didn't get the best after pics, but you get the idea):

it's a lot darker and cozier than before, the sun still streams in through the dark grain during the day, but it feels warmer to me and just right heading in to the Fall.. you know when it gets hotter in San Francisco? i also feel like maybe the walls need painting to match the darker, cozier feel i'm going for.

Here's some details of the other fabrics.

Jack seems to be happy with the change too.


jennifer said...

love the mushroom pillow!!!

Christina said...

oh i knew you would like that one, thought of you as i was making it!

comfies said...

i like this shift into warm/coziness for the fall. very bold! and the rug looks adorable...