wee ones.

i like kids. i actually think i would make a pretty good parent, but i don't often feel the yearning to make them. maybe it's because i'm not currently in a relationship and i wouldn't have kids alone. when i'm in a store and i hear a child screaming my uterus retreats. but when i see the little ones of those i love, especially the ones who are related to me, i get it. they're perfect. not stranger's kids, but kids of people i really like. i want to squeeze their babies and hang out with them and read to them and talk to them and watch as they grow and turn into little people. i swear my niece and nephew are the reason i'll eventually move back east, i'd like to be a part of their little lives before they get too grown up and don't care about their old aunt.

my friend sent me these pictures of her twins. these two girls are perfect and lovely and it's been so cool to see them as they grow into who they are going to be. twins yes, but they couldn't be more different. and while the words in the photos may simplify things a bit, it sort of nails it too.


Nancy said...

yes, you will definitely be an awesome parent!

and i agree about strangers' kids- i wasn't into babies at all until my niece was born, and, truthfully, didn't feel super comfortable with babies/children at all until mine was born!

amy said...

i feel the same way!!! kids i am related to, or whose parents are good friends, i simply adore.

other kids? well, as long as they aren't screaming...