etsy love

it had been a little while since my last purchase so i was itching to do a little shopping on etsy. i visited one of my favorite shops rag trader (introduced to me of course by JJ) and bought these sweet little pieces:

that wing ring looks pretty perfect next to my turquoise ring, and i love seeing it all day while i type away on my computer. it makes me happy.

she's got loads more in her shop and the prices are so reasonable. i won't be mad if you get the same thing as me either.


molly said...

oh, you lucky! i love both pieces! i can't wait to get back into shopping now that i've got a paycheck!

amy said...

oh my, that top charm is just perfect!

Christina said...

i'm loving that necklace! and the other side is in french.

Nancy said...

oh so perfect!