left coast style

i've been a fan of Fashionist for a while, and in full disclosure i would love to be photographed for it one day. i love seeing the unique fashion sense of san francisco so well captured on the site. we are so different from that other big city on the opposite coast and when ever i think about moving back there i stress out about all the color i would have to lose from my wardrobe. this becomes increasingly clear when i go to new york for work, which i'm doing on monday - parties, media appointments, dinners - everything requires such a different level of dress than i'm used to here in good old cali. in the ten years i've been in sf i've definitely shed what ever east coast style sensibility i had before i left. just the other day a friend emailed me a picture from Fasionist freaking out about how much the girl reminded him of me. i love her outfit, so i was flattered! If you don't know me, i'll tell you there are elements to melana's outfit below that resemble a lot of what i wear, bright dresses with colored tights, boots, big bags, giant sunglasses, and i have the same cut and color of hair. it is a little uncanny, i think i have a lot of doppelgangers in this city actually:

i also love checking out Fashionist in the hopes that i'll see a friend on there. so i got super excited to see lovely sarah on there this morning, and wearing a necklace i made for her!

she is the cutest, isn't she? and i agree she's got some slammin' style.

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molly said...

ohmygod! that's so rad! she does have amazing style, that sarah! don't worry honey, they'll spot you one of these days for SURE!