Jennifer's Dresses

Speaking of style, one of the events I'm going to while I'm in NYC is the book release party for this book. It promises to be a very swanky affair at Stella McCartney's store, and I'm not sure who is really coming but several celebrities are on the list. What do I have in my closet to wear to an event like this? Nothing. Lucky for me Jennifer does. I often give JJ a hard time about spending all of her hard earned money on fancy dresses she finds on ebay from designers I've never heard of. Well I'm eating my words-- thanks to Jennifer I now have two of those fancy dresses hanging in my closet that she's letting me borrow. Plus a cool little vintage black bag that goes with both. I had a really fun time trying on all of Jennifer's dresses last night and like I said we narrowed it down to two, but I'm still not sure which one I'll end up wearing.. here are my options:
this lovely Lover dress:
or this play suit by Celia Birtwell for Top Shop.

Here it is on Peaches Geldof (and no i didn't know who she was until Jennifer told me):
So what do you think? The play suit actually looked cuter on me, and since I'm short it's a little longer than it is up there on Peaches. But the Lover dress may prove to be a little more comfortable, I'm just worried sack dresses aren't the most flattering. .. man I'm glad I don't have to think this hard about outfits often.


Anonymous said...

i'd go with celia birtwell!! she is so cool.

i take it that peaches must be sir bob's daughter??

Christina said...

Thanks Cathy! So far that's the consensus!

molly said...

they're both cute. but i like the 'play suit' ... even though i don't know what that means!