i'm here!

wow. sorry about that, i don't know what happened. well i do, i've been travelling a whole lot and i just sort of fell out of any regular posting schedule not that i even had one to begin with. than i just got lazy. but here i am!!

i've always wanted to do regular features on this here blog but you know it's that whole schedule thing again that i just can't get down. i'm going to try anyway and start with an Etsy pick of the week. here's my pick for this week, from an artist who Jennifer turned me onto, Madame Fortuna, she creates exquisite necklaces and bracelets out of found vintage pieces. I've been circling her Etsy shop lately looking for something to purchase. This isn't the piece for me but I do love it, and doesn't her description of it just read like poetry? The name of the necklace is Sunday Morning Coming Down - love that!

There is always that moment... around dawn... when you realize that it's time to go home. You have caroused all night long and the next day will pretty much be useless. Now for some that is okay, at least every once in awhile. But for a church-going lady that is a tough reality. And she was pretty serious about church. But she was also pretty serious about whiskey. And dawn on Sunday morning always brought her back to the Lord.

Sing some Johnny Cash while wearing this completely irreverant piece. In honor of all of those who live life to the fullest on Saturday night and then look for forgiveness on Sunday.

Doesn't that just make you want that piece?


jennifer said...

funny- that's my fave piece in her shop right now!

nancy said...

these posts of yours are going to be dangerous for me! that's beautiful! it also makes me want that *life*-- I haven't been out past 9:30 pm in well over a year :)

Miss Wanderlust said...

Beautiful!! I love it!