i'm here!

wow. sorry about that, i don't know what happened. well i do, i've been travelling a whole lot and i just sort of fell out of any regular posting schedule not that i even had one to begin with. than i just got lazy. but here i am!!

i've always wanted to do regular features on this here blog but you know it's that whole schedule thing again that i just can't get down. i'm going to try anyway and start with an Etsy pick of the week. here's my pick for this week, from an artist who Jennifer turned me onto, Madame Fortuna, she creates exquisite necklaces and bracelets out of found vintage pieces. I've been circling her Etsy shop lately looking for something to purchase. This isn't the piece for me but I do love it, and doesn't her description of it just read like poetry? The name of the necklace is Sunday Morning Coming Down - love that!

There is always that moment... around dawn... when you realize that it's time to go home. You have caroused all night long and the next day will pretty much be useless. Now for some that is okay, at least every once in awhile. But for a church-going lady that is a tough reality. And she was pretty serious about church. But she was also pretty serious about whiskey. And dawn on Sunday morning always brought her back to the Lord.

Sing some Johnny Cash while wearing this completely irreverant piece. In honor of all of those who live life to the fullest on Saturday night and then look for forgiveness on Sunday.

Doesn't that just make you want that piece?


nite nite

rounding out the weird pet video's for the week, here's one chip just sent me. it is very much how i felt all day. in bed now and ready for sleep, that was a long (very fun) week that i'll post about soon. tomorrow i'm hitting the target in jersey near my mom's house in hopes of finding some of that orla kiely line i'm so coveting.

nite nite.


i miss my cat

i had planned on posting plenty from nyc but between meetings and evenings and a broken camera it's just not happening. the weather has been so nice, in the 50's, although today there are some intense winds. i was laughing while i was walking because it really took all my might to fight against the gale force of the wind and not fall over.

nancy just sent me a link to this hysterical kitten video. it's random in a great way and it made me miss my cat:


more coraline

Susan went to the world premiere of Coraline and posted some behind the scenes photos up on her blog. The sets and design look so detailed and beautiful. I can not wait to see this movie. She recommends seeing it in 3D. For some reason I really want to be in SF when I see it, but I don't know if I'll make it before I leave for NY on Monday.

I'm also looking forward to seeing Handmade Nation when I'm in NY next week. It's playing at the Museum of Art & Design. My camera's been broken but I have a loaner from work for my trip so I'll try to take lots of photos. Like everyone else, I've been waiting to see this one for a looong time!


lego that city

i know i'm late to the game and everyone has seen these by now, but i'm such a fan of these abstract lego city pieces by christoph niemann. they remind me a little of Shrigley.


Jennifer's Dresses

Speaking of style, one of the events I'm going to while I'm in NYC is the book release party for this book. It promises to be a very swanky affair at Stella McCartney's store, and I'm not sure who is really coming but several celebrities are on the list. What do I have in my closet to wear to an event like this? Nothing. Lucky for me Jennifer does. I often give JJ a hard time about spending all of her hard earned money on fancy dresses she finds on ebay from designers I've never heard of. Well I'm eating my words-- thanks to Jennifer I now have two of those fancy dresses hanging in my closet that she's letting me borrow. Plus a cool little vintage black bag that goes with both. I had a really fun time trying on all of Jennifer's dresses last night and like I said we narrowed it down to two, but I'm still not sure which one I'll end up wearing.. here are my options:
this lovely Lover dress:
or this play suit by Celia Birtwell for Top Shop.

Here it is on Peaches Geldof (and no i didn't know who she was until Jennifer told me):
So what do you think? The play suit actually looked cuter on me, and since I'm short it's a little longer than it is up there on Peaches. But the Lover dress may prove to be a little more comfortable, I'm just worried sack dresses aren't the most flattering. .. man I'm glad I don't have to think this hard about outfits often.

horray! danica's etsy shop!

I'm sure I've mentioned the wonder of Danica's hand stitched 'little guys' before. I have one keeping me company on my windowsill. She sells them in a few stores here and in brooklyn, but now everyone, everywhere will be able to swoop up these little guys. Check out Danica's new Etsy shop here. And congrats D!


left coast style

i've been a fan of Fashionist for a while, and in full disclosure i would love to be photographed for it one day. i love seeing the unique fashion sense of san francisco so well captured on the site. we are so different from that other big city on the opposite coast and when ever i think about moving back there i stress out about all the color i would have to lose from my wardrobe. this becomes increasingly clear when i go to new york for work, which i'm doing on monday - parties, media appointments, dinners - everything requires such a different level of dress than i'm used to here in good old cali. in the ten years i've been in sf i've definitely shed what ever east coast style sensibility i had before i left. just the other day a friend emailed me a picture from Fasionist freaking out about how much the girl reminded him of me. i love her outfit, so i was flattered! If you don't know me, i'll tell you there are elements to melana's outfit below that resemble a lot of what i wear, bright dresses with colored tights, boots, big bags, giant sunglasses, and i have the same cut and color of hair. it is a little uncanny, i think i have a lot of doppelgangers in this city actually:

i also love checking out Fashionist in the hopes that i'll see a friend on there. so i got super excited to see lovely sarah on there this morning, and wearing a necklace i made for her!

she is the cutest, isn't she? and i agree she's got some slammin' style.

crafting and flying

It has been a whirlwind of a week and I feel like I've been neglecting the old blog. Last Thursday I had a last minute trip to Chicago to accompany an author of mine who got on the Oprah show, it was a somewhat surreal experience in that I just couldn't believe we were there most of the time. The episode should air in March, as soon as we have an air date I'll shout it from the mountain tops! It was for this book.

An hour after landing back in SF I headed over to Cliff's Variety in the Castro for an event with Ed who wrote Stencil 101, they had a nice big table set up where people could stencil on totes, paper, wood, and anything else they brought along.

And last night was another great Handmade Hellos event with the fabulous Sabrina & Eunice of Hello Lucky. I don't have any pictures from that event, but here's my Owly card I made, it was a Valentine making event, and I fully intended to use hearts and pinks and sparkles, but my owl refused to dress up for the holiday. The template for this card can be found here.


valentine making party

If you're in SF I hope you can make this card making event with the lovely ladies of Hello Lucky! Cupcakes, wine, and crafting! What's not to love about that?

Valentine Making Party
Thursday 2/5
1846 Union Street
Craft supplies, cupcakes, and wine provided