I could be a fashion 'don't' today. This is what happens when none of your roommates are home or awake to ask them what they think of your big cuffs. These aren't designer jeans that come with the big thick cuffs sewn up to the knee. These are cheap Forever 21 jeans, I think they're men's, 'cause lord knows my ass wouldn't fit into any of the pants they have for girls there. I cut these jeans and folded them up and I'm just not sure I'm pulling it off. On the way to work I swear people were laughing at me, the weird dirty neighbor I always see drinking at the corner bar past two, the high school kids in their white white shirts and black jeans falling off their asses. And once I got downtown forget it, but I guess I always feel like a some sort of 'don't' down here, my hair a little greasy (it's fucking product), my shoes a little too worn (I bought new ones this week-end, they just hurt my feet), my jeans cuffed all wrong. But I sort of know fashion, right? I mean I design things. I watch Project Runway, I page through Cosmo (for work, I swear). I have at least one very fashionable friend, maybe even three, that's got to rub off a little on me, right?

In other news, last night I went to a great new space on Guerrero and 18th called Bluespace. It's owned by Cliff Leonardi and Daniel DiPasquo. They call it a flexible community space and it's a nice addition to the neighborhood, nice to not have another coffee shop, restaurant or bar there. These guys aren't doing this to make money. You can't rent out bluespace, but if you have an idea for an event, be it an art show or political discussion you can bring it to them, sounds like they're pretty open to most things right now. They also work out of the space, and last night they had a little viewing of an art show that's on the walls right now. The show is called the Passport Project and it's worth at least walking by and peering your head in to take a peek at the art on the walls. The project involved 30 people who sent xeroxed copies of their passport photos to one another. The participants where all over the country and didn't all know each other, the pictures would get sent around and each time a person received one they would do something to it, draw, sew, paint on it. This project was started by Michael McConnell and all the pieces eventually got sent back to him. He has over 300, which are on the walls of bluespace. I loved hearing how 200 never came back to him. Another great show in bluespace right now is called Return to Sender, which follows a similar idea as the Passport Project, except with diaries, which one person held onto for longer stretches of time.
Election night bluespace will host a viewing party where everyone can watch the results roll in and collectively pray that another republican doesn't get elected. That's where the 'blue' part comes in, the owners are dedicated to keeping San Francisco a progressive city. Cliff owns a real estate company called Blue Real Estate, where a portion of every sale gets donated to a progressive cause of the buyers choice. A pretty noble act in a city where property is treated like gold and very few can actually afford to establish roots here. Bluespace is small, but the white walls and dark hard wood floors leave you feeling clean and open and the idea alone behind bluespace will have your head buzzing with creative possibility.


me wannabe said...

nice one, t! i love the way it started about fashion and ended about politics. LIke a good mix on a great episode of "project runway"!

jj said...

just have the jeans tailored... 5-10 bucks, no more cuffs, no more paranoia.

for the record though, you pull off the cuffed look.

Richard Dawson's Creek said...

I love reading about fashion. Fashion "don'ts" will become "do's" if you're patient. How did you remember all that shit about Blue Space? Did you take notes. I can't even remember where I parked my car.