Pity Pit.

Today was the day I told myself I would quit coffee. But since I was out sick yesterday and it's really my Monday at work, I thought it was just silly to start today. As soon as I took a sip of my giant sized coffee my headache vanished, I ask you, will Earl Grey really be able to do that for me?
Here are a few pictures of some of my favorite things that Kerri bought last night. I'm doing this new thing with felt and shapes on my wallets I really like.

I actually got the idea for those shapes from the book, The Craftster Guide to Nifty, Thrifty, and Kitschy Crafts. Which I traded with that boy I went on a couple of dates with from Ten Speed Press. He didn't laugh when I told him if we traded books at least we would be guaranteed to both get something we liked out of seeing one another. When he didn't laugh at that joke I should have known better, because the books were the highlight of our two dates.
Here's my favorite pair of earrings Kerri bought last night:

I was going to tell you about the moment of weakness I had last night when my ex-boyfriend called and I tried convincing him to take the train from the East Bay and come 'see' me in the city. But he refused and gave me such a sane, rational response when I reminded him that only a month ago he was trying to convince me to give our relationship 'another shot', that if I share too much of the story I'll only make myself look like a bad person.
Instead I'll tell you about two of my favorite new phrases I've learned in the past week. The first sort of fits the mood my ex sent me into last night and it comes from Cissie via Chip:
Pity Pit- The place one goes to when feeling sorry for themselves and realizing that things are worse for them than anyone else in the world at that very moment. A dark, pitiful place.
And my favorite, which I'll be sure to use often, comes from Heidi:
Shame Over- The feeling which overcomes one when, after a long, hard night of drinking, they realize that they may have acted in some ways they never would have acted had they been sober (i.e, trying to make out with someone they know they shouldn't, yelling obnoxious things in public places, throwing up all over themselves). The Shame Over does not necessarily have to accompany a Hang Over, but often does.
Time to really gulp my coffee and open my Outlook.


j4 said...

i love that little deer-- i want one!!!

t. said...

you got it j4. except you have that cute cram cream wallet- i'll have to put that deer on something else for you.