Maiden Voyage.

Here goes. My official entry into the world of blogs. Big thanks to Nekoda for getting so excited about me doing this and thus forcing it into reality. She'll probably be the only one who ever reads it. Maybe I'll just tell myself that so I won't feel awkward writing in a public space about bad dates and crafting projects and boring stories that no one but my friends would actually want to hear about anyway. Or would they even? This is getting off to a bad start isn't it. And I'm only proving that ex-boss of mine right when he said I care too much about what other people think about me. Clearly he cared too much about what people thought of him too, why else would he have taken that god awful septum ring out of his nose?
I'm home sick today and taking advantage of not being at work by crafting away. Well I haven't actually started crafting yet, but Kerri from Blank Space is coming over tonight to buy some jewelry and wallets for her store, so once I'm done fiddling around on here I'll get working. I've got six hours and I can't wait to turn on npr, listen to old episodes of This American Life and get high from duct tape fumes. I make wallets and other things out of duct tape, and just because you're probably thinking of some silver, gummed up tape wallet that looks like a fifth grader made it, I'll post some pictures.
Here's a card holder,

and a checkbook wallet.

I also make jewelry and have what seems to be a very common obsession with birds, here are some earrings I've made.

Please don't tell me if you think they look like a fifth grader made them. I don't want to know.

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j4 said...

yay for blogs! write more.