Foreign chocolate.

What you see before you is what I came into this morning at work. A spattering of candy bars brought to me by my oh-so-sweet British co-worker who just returned from a trip to London. Before she left she asked what I wanted, and I reminisced about how when I lived in London my favorite thing (well one of them) were all the Cadbury vending machines in Tube stops. I told her like beer, the chocolate was just better over there. And so she brought me back these pretty little babies just begging to turn into fat on my thighs. I had a couple of Smarties but they kind of made me feel like I was eating medicine so I gave the rest to my Canadian friend who I know loves them. And than, at around 3pm today I opened the BOOST bar. Oh my god. It was good. Really good. Crunchy and gooey with a chocolate log type thing in the middle. I had resigned to just having a bite or two, but I don't think I've ever had a candy bar that good. So I ate it all. Except for the last bite, which I threw in the garbage, as if that could negate all of the calories and fat I had just consumed.

If you ever meet a BOOST bar I suggest you eat it.

I'm going to the gym now.


molly said...

we just introduced the crunchie to caroline this spring and she thot she'd died and gone to heaven. i, thankfully, had already been there and back.

Christina said...

oh no! you mean i have to try the Crunchie bar too? i was thinking nothing could beat the BOOST and i would give the rest away tomorrow. or maybe i should bring it to craft nite!?

comfies said...

um, yes you could always bring it to craft night....

Raaaah-bin said...

mmmmm a 99p ice cream cone with a flake in it. my favorite london treat, aside from cream tea.
why are all of their goodies SO good over there?

stringbeanjean said...


she brought you a great selection there..although the creme egg dairy milk is a bit of a wild card.

personally, i'm a flake girl. especially crushed up inside the wrapper and tipped into my mouth.
yeah. classy. with a cup of yorkshire tea.

crunchies are great too..kit kat's i believe are the biggest selling chocolate bar in the uk. and have been for years. though we tend to think of them more as a biscuit for some reason.

smarties have blue ones in now and that's a good reason to avoid them right?

boosts..ah well..was it a biscuit boost? i think that's the only one they make now.
when they first came out..probably about 20 years ago or more..they had different varieties. they started with a peanut one if i remember rightly. that was nice but it was a direct rip off of a now fairly obscure star bar.
the one i really really miss is the delicious coconut boost. ooooh. you could chew off all the caramel and chocolate and be left with a log of sweet coconut.


chocolate's great innit?

i bought a lot of different bars in vancouver last year.
unfortunately - much as i loved vancouver - their chocolate was truly manky. all waxy and weird.

god save the queen.

meighan said...

why is is that kit kats are better over there?
it's so weird.