so sweet.

I feel a little funny posting a picture of this pillow, mostly because it's not mine. I saw this sweet little pillow on the 4th, at a friend of a friend's bbq. It feels funny because even though I was in the room of the person who owned it, it was sort of obvious she didn't really want anyone in her room- I really wanted to ask her the story behind it, did she make, or did someone make it for her? Was it made from old sheets? If so, what a brilliant idea. I didn't ask her anything though-- because like I said she didn't seem all that happy- but I can understand, I never like lots of strangers in my house, and even when my house is full of lots of people I know, I still get stressed out. I admit I couldn't resist taking a picture of the pillow without asking but it's because I just thought it was so sweet - from the wonderful stripped fabric to the tiny little seals in the background. And what an excellent embroidery job, far better than anything I've ever stitched. I love it.. and I hope no one beats me up for posting it here!


molly said...

dude, i LOVE that. now, you must check out

i dont know that she made it--but she has got stuff you will love, too!

comfies said...

yup, that's pretty irresistable. no question.