half my heart's always in Jersey.

I didn't really like the movie Garden State, I wanted to like it-- trust me, as a product of the lovely state starring in the movie, I felt I had a certain responsibility to love it. But there's always been something about Zach Braff that's sort of bugged me. Until I saw him profess his love for his home state in the SNL monologue below. Sure, I may have been a tiny bit drunk last weekend when I first saw it, but I just watched it again and it still holds up. Is it too much to tell you it even makes my little heart swell up with pride? OK, well than forget I said that, but do watch this, it's even sung, naturally, to the tune of a Billy Joel song, and you all know my secret shame in that.


comfies said...

ha! i LOVED that skit.

molly said...

on the other hand, i have always LOOVED zach braff, and now, i love him more!