japan town and an old friend.

Japan town is just packed with stuff I don't really need but just have to have. So I guess it's good my first time in the mall there was this weekend. I can't imagine how much money I would have spent there over these 8 years had I known all the glories it held. Chris and I spent the day oohing and ahhing the way only adorable Japanese things can make you ooh and ahh..

And I bought a bunch of stuff I probably didn't really need, but oh my god it's all so cute. One of my favorites is this Japanese craft book on making mini felt mascots. If you could have resisted buying this you're a better person than me.

We had a great day, as exhibted by Chris pretending to take a shit in someones yard. We sat around the mall and drank coffee and it felt good to be in a really low budget, low tech space. Was it all of the cute things we saw that put us in such a good mood? Or all the exciting things we both have on the horizon? I don't know, but we couldn't stop cracking each other up, and of course soon I'll be able to add Chris to my long list of friends living in NY as she's moving in a month, pulling my heart like salt water taffy across the country. With so many people I adore spread out all over this map I'm used to it by now- but the initial pull always leaves a little twang at first. Safe travels my friend.


comfies said...

very funny picture.

SisterDG said...

Ah, Japantown. I miss it so. I used to buy stickers, origami paper, and pens at this little stationery store inside the mall, and then that big hardware store across the walkway always had rolls of lovely paper and fascinating oddments. Those little felt french fries are killing me with their cuteness!

molly said...

the whole day sounds so wonderful! i love those erasers and am always tempted by them... and now, of course, i wanna meet chris, cuz anyone that would pose for a poo is a friend of mine!