this made my shitty day.

i've been obsessing over jezebel which is a sister site to the infamous gawker, but kind of better if you ask me. not only did they have that amazing clip from the Facts of Life posted today, but a few days ago (when i was actually having a really bad day) they posted the real cover of Redbook and compared it to the airbrushed one that actually made it to newstands. i'd make this required reading for all women if i had the power- check it out here.


comfies said...

"make that a double....."
my favorite part. love it.

molly said...

ohmygod, i just went to jezebel for the first time, and now, you've given me a new addiction! dang!

meighan said...

omg. this is so great. and yes! thank you for the heads up on that blog...so good.