clutch me

i'm really loving this old vinyl billboard material and i'm thrilled i have so much of it left. here are three clutches i've made this week. i'm using these fantastic wall decals that i think look just perfect against the very man made material.

you like? hopefully i'll have these in stores soon and in my Etsy shop. i'm having so much fun making them. and it's so nice not having to make that duct tape material.

i'm also pretty excited about these orange tights i got this week. and i have to say they were totally inspired by the fabulous color i see daily here and here.


nancy said...

oooh! how cute are your gams in those orange tights?! love it. and those clutches are to die for. the airplane on the yellow/white stripes is fabulous.

billy girl said...

Your sweet leggies make me think of Fall and dropping temps and Pumpkins . . . and quite a cutie you are!


comfies said...

those clutches are amazing, t. and the skirt with the orange tights and the boots - ADORABLE.

kayte said...

christina, those clutches are awesome!!!
and so are the tights-where did you get them?

molly said...

t, the clutches look amazing! you've nailed it.
and i bought hot pink tights this week! great minds, my friend..

Christina said...

thanks! Kayte i got them at H&M and i highly recommend them! can't wait to see your hot pink tights Mol. xo