the streets are talking.

why do i love graffiti? because it's art, because it's a part of any city landscape, because it screams out we were here and i love wondering who that we is and what their version of the city looks like. i don't understand people who think graffiti ruins things, to me it makes the landscape richer.

we live in man made cities after all, made of concrete, brick and mortar and graffiti is just part of the life of any city.

admittedly i never paid as much attention to graffiti before an ex of mine who took part in the scene here started pointing out different taggers and patterns. we'd go on walks that became all about finding certain tags, he'd take me to places he knew were covered in spray paint and tell me who was who and what certain things meant, how to climb a wall to tag the highest part of it, the perfect time of night for tagging... and i fell in love with all the layers of it, it's a language, a code and an art form.

i love nature, but i live in the city for a reason and i think it's just as important to take walks through dirty city streets, the abandoned ones full of dumpsters and broke down signs, as it is to get out into the country once in a while.

the city's got something to tell you, you just need to put your head down and look.


Anonymous said...

Amen to Mr. Seahorse!

comfies said...

ohhhh i love that mr. seahorse!