more please.

i missed my one year blogging anniversary in september. this space has changed a lot for me in a year, so as a sort of a nod to the more revealing stuff i used to post i thought it would be fitting to post this piece i wrote in my writing group over the weekend. it came from a writing prompt that was just the phrase 'more hot sweet more'.. don't worry it's not all that graphic. happy anniversary and thanks for reading. xo

more hot sweet more please
i do not want the steady, the mundane,
the i love to see your face and only your face every morning at 9am for the rest of our lives
for ever and ever and ever
i want more hot sweet more
in the park, sipping on ice cold beers that slip
out of our hands as we grope and latch
onto each other your tongue
firmly planted in my mouth
your hands reaching for my ass
mud and dirt and we are sliding down the hill
the gutter punks not even noticing
the high school kids unaware sneaking stolen cigarettes
we are part of the landscape and i just want more
hot sweet more
on the stoop
waiting for a cab
in the bar, corner booth dark and musty
on mission street
in the car
on the table
more hot sweet more please
with strangers
and friends of friends
and people i haven't met yet
do not give me the everyday love
the mundane
the house set up only to be broken
i do not want it now
i want more hot sweet more
in cities i haven't visited yet
with strangers i do not trust
after my coffee in the morning, with my ham and eggs
during my lunch break
feed it to me like meals please more
i want the racing pulse
my red lips swollen from kissing to long
my checks scratched from rough facial hair
i want to live in the possibility of a kiss
i want to make out for hours and days
no clothes on the floor
no risk of anything
but bitten tongues
and stiff necks


linda p said...

wow! i really like your poem!

jennifer said...

love it! happy anniversary to you!!!

molly said...

happy anniversary!

Christina said...

thanks ladies!

jennifer said...

p.s. that photo = awesome.

comfies said...

i'm so glad you blog and that you share your writing - congratulations on your one year anniversary. for some reason this poem is like a brisk, saturated, hot toddy filled fall going into a warm, cozy, heavenly winter.

and p.s. thanks for your comment, there is a little guy in your future! but put your wallet away silly...