i want this dress for Halloween

I sort of stopped dressing up for Halloween. I don't know what happened, I just kind of lost my enthusiasm for it. Although Halloween is quite a production at my work.. afterwards I'd like to just throw this adorable dress on. Instructions for making it and more sweet photos over at Gratz Industries. Anyone want to sew it up real fast in a grown-up size?


SisterDG said...

If this came in grown-up size, I'd pretty much wear it every single day.

my love for you. said...

cutest ever.

PaperDollyGirl said...

Hi there! I'm a friend of Susan's in the Bay Area and wanted to say hi. It's a little late for it now, but I do have an adult Wonder Woman costume. If you would like to borrow it, I work in SF on Wednesdays and could bring it in. Here's a picture of me wearing it, with a red trench coat that I no longer have, over a black sports bra and silver pants:

Good luck with your halloween efforts!