pretty in a new way.

Yesterday while Jack slept, I made some new things out of this reclaimed billboard material I've had lying around for a while. I originally got this stuff way back when I was interning at ReadyMade, you can still buy it in their online store (although I must admit it's a little pricey). Then a friend of mine who worked at KQED gave me all of their old street signs from one year, so I have a ton of this stuff, calling to me just waiting to be used. Really I'm getting pretty sick of making duct tape wallets, so I'm hoping this will be a good replacement for people. The material is so easy to sew and it doesn't gum up my sewing machine the way duct tape does, and it feels like it will have a longer life.

I've been meaning to make Jennifer a wallet ever since I saw her carrying around her cash and cards in a little baggie. We talked about making an accordian type wallet, so you could just stuff your change and cash and cards in and easily pull them all out. I'm still working out the kinks, but I'm pretty happy with the first couple I made in that style.

I also made some card holders (two sizes) and the checkbook wallet size I traditionally make out of duct tape. Not sure if I should bring these by a store and beg them to take them instead of the old duct tape wallets or add these to my Etsy Shop and see how people like them. Even though it's the same format as the old wallets working with a new material has totally invigorated me and all I want to do is play and make more today.. alas so much else to do.

While I worked on these I finally listened to Sister Diane's great podcast on Crafty Overload, which I completely related to and recommend to all crafters out there. In fact if you haven't listened to any of Diane's podcasts or read her blog Craftypod yet, add it to your list. It's always inspiring and full of awesome tuturials, I have no idea how she does all she does but I'm so glad she's doing it.


jennifer said...

i love it!!!

molly said...

dude, i LOVE these new pieces! absolutely, keep going with this material. And the accordian wallet is perfect! i need one of those! that lucky jennifer and her little baggie!

SisterDG said...

Aw, thanks! These billboard wallets are AWESOME - great material, and I love the embellishments you've added.

comfies said...
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comfies said...

these look AWESOME, t. can't wait to see them in person!

Christina said...

thanks for all the encouragement! glad you guys like them too. motivates me even more to keep making them!