30 seconds

One of the few things I truly miss about working in a political, non-profit organization like the one I spent 7 years at, is how aware the people I worked with were about what was going on in their cities and governments. It forced me to be a part of the conversation, do my homework, and seek out alternate sources for news. There was an excitement there about what was going on in our world. This was especially true around election times, candidates were talked about, their policies and voting records-- people took pride in knowing these things. Sure there was a naive idealism in that place at times, and maybe I got too jaded to keep it up, but I still miss being around people that challenge my opinions and views like the people I worked with at that place. Not that I don't work with brilliant people now-- it's just not part of our job to be up on current affairs, so we don't talk about politics much at work.

MoveOn.org is doing another advertising contest for the Presidential election, this one is called Obama in 30 Seconds. It's worth heading over there and seeing all of the entries, and pretty moving that so many people are motivated by this election. Truthfully, I still don't know if I prefer Hillary over Obama, but just give me a democrat and I'll be happy.