I've always wanted to do a post where I just list stuff I'm doing and into but it feels so self-indulgent. I guess that's sort of what blogging is all about though. And I love it when blogs I read post these sorts of things, lists are good. So says this guy and I agree.

what i'm watching
On the very painful and slow day after my birthday celebration I mustered enough energy to walk to the couch and sit in front of the TV. I was grateful for my roommate’s good taste in movies and addiction to netflixing tv series because it was thanks to her that I discovered Shameless. Shameless is a BBC series full of that dark, sick humor I just love the Brits for. I had to watch the first couple of shows with sub-titles since the cockney accents are so hard to decipher at first. I hadn't felt so good about not being able to leave the couch in a long while.

what i'm listening to
Admitting I just started listening to Pandora sort of feels the same as saying I just discovered what friendster was, but I don't care. I'm obsessed with tuning into my own Pandora stations while I work. Except I need some new suggestions- all my stations end up having similar songs. I'm tempted to put in some 80's metal but I'm afraid of what songs it will get stuck in my head.

what i'm reading

Just started two books The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Letham, which is just the big meaty long novel I've been looking to sink my paws into and a the much lighter, quick read The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd. Just finished At A Crossroads: Between a Rock and my Parents Place by Kate T. Williamson which made me want to pick up A Year in Japan.

what i'm inspired by right now

Warm Weather and people who can make cakes that look like this:

amazing cake and photos by Heidi Kenny, water color by Kate T. Williamson.


molly said...

should i feel shameFUL that i've never heard of Pandora???
and I'm reading the mermaid chair too! only because i loved the secret life of bees, but i'm struggling thru this one a bit.
and, finally, those cakes inspire me too!
to eat!!!

Robin said...

I made an M.I.A station and a House of Pain station and both bring awesome results on Pandora :)

Christina said...

Molly- NO! But you would love it!!

Robin- Thanks for the suggestions! I need more upbeat stations and those sound perfect!

jennifer said...

neutral milk hotel is BY FAR the best pandora station ever. always. seriously-- try it.

comfies said...

could you do one of these lists every week? seriously? because i love hearing what you're into lately!

Jean said...

I loved Fortress of Solitude. It's amazing. But PUT DOWN the Sue Monk Kidd! I read it in Guatemala when I was desperate and there was nothing else and I still feel angry about it.