i want it !

i saw this amazing needlepoint pillow in a magazine spread and told my co-worker how much i loved it. today she sent me the link to buy it and if i could justify spending $165 on a pillow i would get it in a heartbeat. i'm sure my cat would use it as a scratching post and you know my place just isn't all that fancy. but isn't it just lovely? that jonathan adler, he's so good.


Natalie said...

Wow that pillow is so gorgeous! It would take forever to needlepoint for sure. $165 is steep but maybe a fun treat. You know you'll love looking at it each day. :)

jennifer said...

treat yourself to the pillow and take the month of may off from your after-work vists to h&m and co. that's my advice!

comfies said...

it's true, it's so special. and when something is that perfect sometimes you have to find a way!

and apparently you have a bunch of enablers for friends...hee!