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The last two times I've been to my local bookstore I've noticed the same book, both times I have spent a good amount of time with it and if it were not for the high price point (and my self imposed allowance) I would have bought it by now. I will own it one day. It's called The Full Body Project and it is a beautiful black and white photography book full of images of women in sizes we don't normally see naked. This last time I picked up the book I realized to my utter shock that all of the photos were taken by Leonard Nimoy, who you might remember as Spock from Star Trek. I was shocked, but delighted at this discovery. I was even more delighted at reading part of his preface: "The average American woman weighs 25 percent more than the models selling the clothes. There is a huge industry built up around selling women ways to get their bodies closer to the fantasy ideal. Pills, diets, surgery, workout programs. . . . The message is You don't look right. If you buy our product, you can get there."

Let me tell you why I think this book is so beautiful and so very important, I know too many women who have body issues, actually I've met very few women in my 32 years who don't think something isn't wrong with them, and that things would be better if they could finally lose that ten pounds, tighten up their abs, fit into a smaller pair of jeans, get something tucked, pulled, waxed, or cut. Apologies for stepping on my soap box, but if there's one thing I could give every woman it would be more self confidence. I've written about this here before, but why oh why is it so hard for women to love themselves and the way they look? And instead of talking about how fat we feel and how big our hips are in front of one another why can't we start talking about how much we love our bodies? Tell each other how good we look and really mean it? The best thing a friend ever said to me when I mentioned I wanted to lose some weight was 'But I like the way you look". It stayed with me because it was so easy for her to say and I knew she meant it. Why can't we give each other that positive reinforcement more often?

I know this, that at 32 years I love myself more than I ever have, and that includes the way I look. Do I want to lose weight and get more fit? Certainly, but I'm not beating myself up about it. And no matter what my size I'm loving myself. And seriously, thinking about that makes me feel better than any size 2 pair of jeans ever could.

In case you haven't been there yet one of my daily reads that is still snarky and smart but totally aware and responsible is Jezebel. They trash talk but also made a pact on their site this year to not criticize celebrities (men and women) for how fat or skinny they are.

Also totally inspiring was seeing Jamie Lee Curtis (god love her) go off on Oprah about the aging process and women's issues. link.


molly said...

YAHOO! and right on, too!

billy girl said...

Amen . . . I mean - Ah Lady!!! Thank you, we all need reminders. And have I told you today how beautiful you are? love ya, mean it! Awesome.

Lady Monster said...

Thanks for writing about the Full Body Project!
Most of the models are right here in San Francisco (including me!).
Add the book as a friend if you want to, www.myspace.com/fullbodyproject