Softie Awards!

The second Annual Softie Awards have begun! Even if you're not a Softie maker be sure to stop by Softies Central and the flickr group for the contest to see all of the amazing entries so far. I'm thrilled to be a judge for the awards again and I'm even more excited that I get to judge the 'Pink & Plaid' category! The other fun categories include Picnic Food, Elephant Tribute, Cutest Face, and Embroidered to Death.

Theresa Laskey is the brains behind the very popular contest. Terry wrote the book Softies which I had the pleasure to work on. The Softies Kit is also out now and it's just as adorable as the book. We had lots of fun promoting the book, if you haven't seen it yet be sure to watch the Softies movie that Andrew and I made. And if you're interested in entering the awards you have two weeks, so start stitching!

Also that little gem up there is a birthday present from Sarah. Sarah said her name was 'little princess' which of course made me exclaim 'Just like me!'


Anonymous said...

dear cyberspace,

that adorable little princess ain't just from sarah!


Christina said...

i'm sorry anonymouse! since sarah was at my party and someone else wasn't i forgot that one of my very favorite people also gave me that sweet little princess! xo