naughty santa and the best mulled wine

it's always so refreshing to see the place you live in through the eyes of a visitor. there are things so unique to san francisco, i sometimes forget to appreciate them in my day to day. take this santa photo for example which my cousin took when she was visiting this week-- where else would you find a leather daddy santa complete with a whip as a decoration for a non-profit homeless shelter? i love this city.

i always miss the east coast around the holidays, the snow and cold, the houses decked out in holiday lights and tacky lawn ornaments. it's hard to get that kind of holiday spirit here but we came pretty close today, picking out a christmas tree with sarah and roger, baking holiday cookies and sipping on this delicious mulled white wine from the Decemeber issue of Martha Stewart Living. i love this recipe! and it's versatile enough for any season, refreshing and light for summer sipping but full of fall spices that make it perfect for holiday parties. i'll be revisiting this recipe for sure. a note, we couldn't fine Muscat in the market we were shopping at so i bought triple sec instead (you can also use cointreau) and it seemed to work well.

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