i love this retro-looking wreath Rachel posted over on Craft.

home sick today and i got to watch the Martha Show, i love these acorn lamps that someone on her staff created. they're pretty involved but look awfully sweet.

i am always so blown away by the crafts made by linda and i adore these mini-sweaters she crocheted and turned into ornaments for friends. she links to a pattern for them on her blog.

and if you're looking for some lovely handmade gifts for the holidays be sure to check out the Etsy shop Linda has set up, 100% of the proceeds will go to her brother-in-law who is battling kidney cancer.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for posting a link to my shop and ornaments! :) i love those acorns from martha- i can't believe they're made from tissue paper and cheesecloth. and, well, fire retardant.