chronicle crafts

i'm always amazed at the talent of my co-workers, on a daily basis and annually when we have our christmas craft fair. kate posted about this over on the work blog but i thought it would be nice to show some pics here.

kate bought old tea cups at good will and with some soy wax made these awesome candles. i bought the adorable mini one, and am still debating who to give it to for xmas.

these shirts and prints are from my friend geoff, one of our fabulous designers at chronicle. you can buy them at his etsy shop.

i adore these stockings clare made. i love stopping by clare's desk and seeing all of her detailed drawings, you can see more of her art here.

sandy and her husband have a fantastic little card biz called Treat Zone, you can also get their sweet cards at their etsy shop.

and i brought some jewelry and wallets this year.

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molly said...

dang! that looks like a good party! i love the t-shirts. and your stuff looks so good there, t!